Willis & Associates Testimonials

 We can tell you we’ve helped thousands of people like you, but we thought it would be helpful to share the words of some of our many clients who were extremely pleased with our ability to help them. The words come directly from the notes, cards and e-mails our clients sent us to express their appreciation.

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Pam reviewed Willis & Associates:

 I am a current client of Mr. Willis, since Feb. 2016 so it's been quite a few months. I never ever thought I wound need the services of a bankruptcy attorney, so had no clue where to start. My legal insurance of course does not cover this action so no recommendations. Honestly I saw his Web site and called.
Because I am in a wheelchair he came to my house, only attorney who even offered. Second he understood my situation which was due to fighting stage IV cancer for two years. It's financially devistating.
Bottom line i am a very demanding client, to get a good recommendation from me you better do your job and be there when I have questions or need you. Three times Mr. Willis had to attend court at the last minute because I was ill. He did with no complaint.
One major plus is that you can be blunt with Mr. Willis, he is your partner, and he would tell you I Am Blunt. Having worked as a Master Level IT Manager I demand a high level of performance.
My case has not been easy, PA Revenue incorrectly charged me 9k of tax when I was owed refunds. He got to the right contacts to reverse it.
BOTTOM LINE, he is honest, he cares, no he won't always pick up the phone, seriously not with all his clients, BUT HE WILL get back to you, he will take care of you, and THAT'S WHAT COUNTS.
How many attorneys work and call on a Saturday/Sunday when needed 

Martin reviewed Willis & Associates

 The best experience ever. They are professionals who will help you to solve your issues.

Brian reviewed Willis & Associates:

 Excellent company, very friendly staff, polite, helpful and always available to resolve your issues. Highly recommended!! 

Angela reviewed Willis & Associates:

 I called for a quick consultation and they were very professional, prompt and very informative. They helped me with my questions thoroughly and they were very direct with their answers. There was no pressure, and they had no monetary incentive to really help me but they did so any way. It was a a very short consultation because I didn't have a pending case or anything I just had some general questions but overall it was a good and positive experience. I cant comment directly on the service but from the brief interaction they seemed really knowledgeabe and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend. 

Robin reviewed Willis & Associates:

 Magnificent, impressive and detail oriented thorough professional's.
Very strongly recommend, 
They go through every macro detail, before any process.
Staff is awesome, any small query is answered with patience. and interaction is more of knowledge imparting too.